School Activities & Announcements





Don’t miss our exciting Christmas Program performed by the many talented students at ODCS, Thursday, December 17th at 7:00pm. This entertaining and “thought-provoking” play is guaranteed to get you thinking about God’s Truth.  


“Ethan has a new brother, Michael. Only Michael's not a cute little bundle of joy. He's a pretty big kid — adopted — and a bit of an annoying trivia buff. When Michael starts busting some myths about Christmas to Ethan's friends, it causes quite a stir. Ethan, Lily, and Abby begin to wonder: Were there more or less than three wise men? Was Jesus really born on December 25? And what about the angels: Did they sing or not? After reading the biblical account of the birth of Christ, Lily and Abby are still confused. Through it all, Michael learns that even though some facts about the very first Christmas might not be clear, the truth about why Jesus came is everywhere in Scripture.” 



The First



The 4th Graders showed off their Thanksgiving spirit by studying and dressing up as the original partakers of the first Thanksgiving!






Mrs. Car showed the Kindergarten class how the post office works to deliver packages and mail. The students wrote and mailed letters to their families.



Honor the Flag!


Ms. Anderson (4th Grade) invited her brother, Robert (Bob) Anderson, who serves as a Private First Class in the Army Reserve, to come and teach her class about flag etiquette in putting up and taking down the American flag.


A BIG thanks to all who attend our See You At The Pole event! Many parents joined us as we prayed for our country, our government leaders, our school and staff.  May God’s blessing be upon us this year! 


ODCS students had a wonderful time zippin’ round the skating rink at their Back to School Night” Skating Party! 


Thanks to the families who helped by sending breakfast items, donuts, juice, and milk for the Breakfast for Dads event. The students really enjoyed the time spent with Dad and the opportunity to introduce their Dad to their friends.



The 2nd Graders enjoyed a “wild west” time on their field trip to the American Royal !