School Activities & Announcements

A Time for Thanksgiving


November is flying by quickly and Thanksgiving is only 10 days away.  Have you started to think about all the wonderful blessings God has given you this year?  Maybe all of us should consider making a list of these things and thank God for them. 


Here is a list of just a few things the ODCS students mentioned when asked what they were thankful for:

* Jesus

* Food

* Mommy & Daddy

* Toys

* Turkeys 

* Houses

* Stars

* Siblings

* Oxygen

* Toilets

* Shoes

* Friends

* Church

* Clothing

* Jackets

* Grandparents

* Teachers

* “Everything I have…”



Undercover Turkey 


Have you spotted them in the hall?  Once again, the 2nd Graders disguised their turkeys so they wouldn’t get caught this Thanksgiving.



1st Grade!

1st Grade is our feature class for November! They enjoyed a beautiful field trip to Weston Red Barn Farm in October. Show and tell is their favorite time of the day, along with being with their classmates all year long.


Pastor Luncheon 

A BIG thank you to our students and volunteers who rustled up an uplifting Pastors’ Appreciation Luncheon! Eighteen churches were represented by their pastors. 

"That was amazing!  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR INVITING US!!! I loved it! 
All the kids did sooo good!"   


- Missy Dice, Lenexa Christian Center




Pledges & Prayer 

Parents and students gathered around the flagpole during the “See You at the Pole” event to say pledges and pray for our country.


Make sure to always “Sparkle and Shine for Jesus!”



Congratulations to the girl’s volleyball team on their first big win!! The next home volleyball game is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 13th, 5pm and 6pm, in the ODCS gym.

Fifth Grade is Fantastic! 

The fifth graders made puppets to describe each of the ten plagues in Egypt when Pharaoh refused to let the Israelites go free. 

Fifth graders brought in their pet mammals to share with their classmates, since they had just studied mammals in science...2 dogs and 1 cat. 

The fifth graders made their own design of candy cars after learning about Henry Ford who used the assembly line to make cars more quickly.




Carnival Time!

The students had a fantastic time at the school carnival. Lots of games, food, prizes and fun were packed into the evening! 


Kick In To Our Shoe Drive!

The students at Open Door are kicking in to help a great cause—a Shoe Drive for Funds4orgs! The shoes go to people living in impoverished nations to help start micro-businesses. It gives families with no means of income a way of starting a shoe business. A portion of the money raised from the shoe sales also goes to college scholarships for women in restrictive nations (religious, gender and economically restrictive).

Students will be digging through their closets (and asking their friends to do the same), looking for slightly used or new shoes. 

Brodie Edmonds, as with many other students, has jumped on the band wagon and gone around talking to neighbors to get donations! Start collecting today! Last day for collecting is Tuesday, October 25th.


Part of the Family

Our 6th Grade Teacher, Mrs. Murrow, had the opportunity to take a photo with one of her former students...Sean Quinn.  Mr. Quinn’s son, Oliver, is now a student at Open Door and is also reaping the benefits of being a part of our family.  The staff appreciates each and every one of you. Know that we consider you part of our family as well!


Donuts with Dad

All dads were invited to a delicious breakfast of assorted pastries, yummy breakfast casseroles, juice, milk, and coffee last Friday. They were able to meet some of the other dads and students in their child’s class. It was a great time of fellowship.



Girls’ Volleyball 

Support the ODCS Girls' Volleyball team at their upcoming games here at Open Door. Seventh grade will sell concessions to raise money for their special mission project. Join us for the fun and help us cheer on our Lady Hawks!


Tuesday, Sept. 13—

5pm against Northland Christian

6pm against St. Paul’s


Saturday, Oct. 1—

1pm against Seabury Academy

2pm against Oakhill Day School


Thursday, Oct. 13—

5pm against Pembroke Hill

6pm against St. Paul’s


Marvelous Monsters


The 2nd graders are enjoying their class theme this year...Mrs. Myrick’s Marvelous Monsters!  Based off of Psalm 139:14 “I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, and that my soul knows very well”, the students are described as:



















Back to School Night!

ODCS families enjoyed a fun-filled Back to School Night at Children's Mercy Park on Sunday, August 21st, 2016.




Korean Students

A big welcome to our Korean exchange students pictured here with their host family siblings!  Our special guests will be with us for the first week of school.  We expect to have 3 or 4 exchange students in January / February for a 7 week visit as well.