School Activities & Announcements

Check out the fun things happening at Open Door Christian School!


A 4th Grade Thanksgiving!  4th Graders in Miss Anderson’s class got into the Thanksgiving spirit by dressing up as the pilgrims and Indians who celebrated our country’s first Thanksgiving.


Jelly Beans & PJ’s!  K4 held a Pajama Party to3a.jpg celebrate the filling of their Jelly Bean Jar (for good behavior).   Activities included Popcorn and a movie, an extra recess, and a fully-simulated adventure of Jonah in the belly of a whale!



Cookies for Christmas!  The 4th, 5th & 6th gradersmade Christmas cookies and delivered them to two different senior care homes in Kansas City before Christmas break.  What a sweet thing to do!!


An Out-of-the-Box Christmas!  The students did a Scene1.jpgsmashing job on their lively performance of our school Christmas play, “An Out of the Box Christmas”.  This musical took place at the final dress rehearsal for the Christmas pageant.  The costumes finally arrived and they notice when they pull them “out of the box” that they are all wrong.  Working together the children came up with some unique, comical and heartfelt ways to share the Christmas message with their friends and family. 

goat.jpg Got Goat?  The students did an excellent job in raising money for our Christmas giving project...enough money to purchase 3 goats and several chickens through World Vision.  They have certainly shown the love of Jesus to some families in need around the world this Christmas season!


School Enrollment: 
Selecting a school for your child is a very important decision.  You child will spend seven or more hours every day under the influence of people other than parents.  Consider the benefits that a safe and loving Christian environment offers.  At Open Door Christian School, your child will be challenged intellectually, spiritually, and physically to reach their God-given potential!  We invite you to visit our campus today.


Refer a Friend to ODCS: 
Current students receive tuition credits when they refer friends who enroll at ODCS.  Just think...saving money and going to school with your friends, too!  Get details from the school office.  913-334-7777 ext. 285.